Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, July 28, 2014

We had an amazing meeting with one of our investigators. We are right now tying up all the loose ends and making sure is is ready for her baptism. When we talked with her she bore the sweetest testimony of how she feels so peaceful at church and that she loves what she is learning. It was definitely a highlight of my week. Her entire extended family will be attending her baptism, how cool is that!? 

We also have been meeting with members a lot and working a lot with them. They are really helping us get missionary work moving faster. Its always so fun to meet somebody new and our ward is huge, so feel like I am meeting more and more people every week. 

So this week I have been thinking a lot about when I first left on a mission and where I am right now. I feel like there has been a huge difference, but I can't seem to figure out what. So I started to read what I wrote to myself when I was a greenie. As I was reading I could really tell that I had so much motivation, so much faith, I felt like I could do anything! I look at myself right now, I am happy where I am but I definitely feel like I could be a lot more passionate about the work. So I started to pray to have more motivation. As I have been praying I can really feel a difference. I can feel the desire to "give it my all" come back, my faith increasing, and I feel like I am standing up again! Its great! 

I learned about work this week in personal study. When Jesus would perform miracles, he would always invite other people to participate in the miracles. When Lazarus  passed away Jesus raised him from the dead. Jesus asked the people to move the stone from the tomb, he didn't magically move it. Jesus asked them to unwrap Lazarus's face, it wasn't magically unwrapped. Same principle applies to missionary work. In order to see a miracle we still have to work. God knows we can do it. He will perform the miracle. We are always just one more step closer to seeing a miracle.

I love you all so much! Have a great week!


Monday, July 21, 2014


This week was pretty great and exciting! I have a lot to talk about, so lets get started!

This week we had a really great lesson with two of our investigators. We had such a fun family home evening with the Kong Family and they came with us and we ate so much delicious food, talked about the plan of salvation, and.... Set a baptismal date! yay! We are so excited! They are both so ready and they were already prepared. We haven't done anything, but teach them the gospel. God really puts people who are ready in our paths. 

This was pretty exciting. So I have told my comp about Comic Con a bit and the other day we were looking though her pictures. When foreign missionaries come to the MTC they go to the Salt Lake Temple every Friday. So she was in the MTC in September, and guess what she had a picture of... Are you ready for this... COMIC CON! She had a picture because she saw all of these weird people dressed up and thought it was hilarious and took a picture. Small world right?

One of our ward members has this awesome daughter. She is starting to talk with us more about the gospel, because she has a few questions. This week I was thinking about how much I wanted to start doing yoga again, and I thought of Tina. Well it turns out she is really into yoga! She will be teaching us yoga and it is a great opportunity to get to know each other! I am super excited! 

I have this Korean Grammar book that I have been studying and I am finally feeling more confident with the language. I keep praying all the time and every time i forget to pray, I am not as good. So the only reason I am able to say what I say is because of God. Nothing else. 

Life is great and I am learning so much! Some days are hard, some are great. I am learning so many things that I never thought I would learn! I love you all! 

Sister Farr

Sunday, July 13, 2014


So this week was really funny. I learned lots of funny random things that I wasn't ever planning on! 

This week we had FHE with the Kang family again, which is always a delight. Earlier Sister Matsen said she wanted to learn how to fold paper cranes because she wanted to fold 1000 of them for her family. I definitely thought that was a weird idea. When we finished FHE Sister Kang was like"I love folding origami, lets fold origami." I was definitely shocked and then we folded with them for a while, I can officially fold a paper crane everybody! Doesn't God have a sense of humor?

I don't know if I mentioned this earlier, but our church runs a guitar class every Wednesday night ran by one of our investigators. So we have been going every week and I would just watch everybody and study Korean and talk with people but this week I decided to give it a try! It was pretty fun and I can now, successfully, play a C cord. Checked that one off the bucked list. 

On Saturday our Stake held a big game day for our investigators. I didn't know what to expect or what they would qualify as games, so we brought our two younger investigators thinking it would be fun. When we got there it was all adults playing games with these white and black peaces the names in Korean, don't know the English, are-ka-g (A shooting game), another is an extremely complicated version of chess, and complicated bingo. It was pretty fun! The best part was when our cute little investigator was in the tournament against a grandma, who was really into the game, and she beat her! Everybody jumped up and down when she won! It was so cute! So I also learned some more really fun random Korean games and our 8 year old beat the grandma, score! 

We had another successful English class, and It was awesome! We had 23 people attend. Everybody is really learning lots and I love how we get to serve the Korean people. I never thought I would be teaching like this, but it is always a good time. 

As part of our workouts every morning, me and my companion go to the park every morning and there is this free zumba class. Now the thing that is funny is that we are 1. The only foreigners 2. the only ones under the age of 60. The instructor is some 65 year old grandma, but don't let the fool you. She definitely knows what she is doing. The more and more I am in Korea. the more I realize "Anything goes in Korea." 

The Icing on the cake for the week was when we met with our investigators yesterday and they flat out asked. "When can we get baptized" I paused for a moment and looked at them and was thinking "Is this really a question they are asking?" I was thrilled! They have attending church enough and members have done a great job fellow-shipping them. So I am excited to see them get baptized within the new future! yay! 

I love you all, keep working hard, be happy and have a great week!

Sister Par (This is how my name is pronounced on the daily, haha) 

Monday, June 30, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDY! I love you so much! You are my little squeak and I think of you all the time and you are the cutest little brother and I love you! I hope you have a great birthday and know how much I love you!! 

I definitely felt a lot of love from my old area this week. I got a few emails and letters from investigators and members. I love them all so much and it made me miss them! I got the cutest letter from Brother Wong. I will take a picture and send it next week, pretty much my heart melted. All of these people have a piece of my heart! 

We had a great week and we are getting a few new investigators this week, and I am so excited. They are a family that is a member's extended family. It is always so fun to bring families together and share the gospel. I am so excited! 

This week we saw the Kang's a lot. They are the best family ever! So its just like the Farr family, but Korean. A lot of the family lives in the same area and they go to church together and it reminds me of Dad and his brothers when they are together. I always feel right at home! I am so lucky to have a family that is so close and that got to do so many exciting things with my family growing up! They really are all my best Friends! 

We are going to hopefully have a baptism next week, but we haven't gotten permission yet from her parents, keep praying for her! We also met with the two little girl investigators. I love being with them all the time. They are so cute and ask me the funniest questions about America. They are officially jealous of the American school system and would love to move there. (Koreans go to school all day every day. Really.) 

We got transfer calls and we are staying the same! haha I didn't think there would be any changes. Sister Mathieson is staying in her greenie area for 6 transfers now, what the!? But next week we will be seeing each other on P-day. So I am excited! 

I was reading in Nephi this week and one thing that really stuck out to me is that he was always thankful no matter what. When things were good, when things were okay, and when things were bad. He was always thankful. 

Next week I think we will be going to Mok-po. Its a place that has a beach, so I am excited. So I might email later. 

I love you all so much! Keep up the good work! 

Sister Farr

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello All!

This was such a fun week! WE got to do a lot of with our members and our investigators, and I am really so thankful to be in Korea. 

On Monday we were doing family night with a member in our ward who fosters children with disabilities. She is amazing. Anyways, we always need to come up with fun games to keep them all entertained. We played the chocolate game where you put mittens on, a scarf on, and try to eat the chocolate with chopsticks. It was hilarious! All of the little kids were going crazy and they second they rolled doubles, they went cray. I was literally laughing the entire time. 

As I have mentioned before, we teach a lot of English. That is how we have investigators. We have the two cutest investigators and we were playing a word game. We started at the bottom of the stairs, picked a topic, and each time they thought of a word with that topic they could move up one stair. One of the little girls is not good at English, but her sister is. But the little sister won every time! haha How? Right after we picked the topic she would quickly think of one and use that and they copy her sister all the way up the stairs, and she was always one ahead. haha She is so cleaver! 

Two of our investigators have been coming to church and taking all the lessons really well. I think they will be getting baptized next transfer! The ward members are awesome. We had a ward barbecue with our investigators and recent converts. It was super fun. Lets just say, Koreans know how to barbecue.

So you know when a little child blurts out something that you are like 99% positive they learned from their parents? And then their parents look at their child with the death glare and then say, "I don't know where she learned it." Welcome to my life with all Korean companions. Haha I definitely starting to realize more and more what words I use all the time... For the good or bad.

We had a great missionary activity today and it was pretty fun. We were supposed to go hiking, but with the weather we had a fun celebration. The highlight was definitely seeing my lovely Sister Mathieson. I just love her so much. She was my first companion at the MTC and she is just like a sister! I always love seeing her and hearing her cute Auzzie accent! 

Today I was on the bus on the way to the activity, and This guy started asking me for directions and then realized he was talking about a foreigner. Haha. I was like sorry I am new to the area. But he started to talk and he knew what the Book of Mormon was and had been to church. I was shocked, and invited him to church. (Hopefully he really comes...) It amazes me how many people know about our church! And then another guy I was talking about heard one of my roommates speaking in Korean and came and asked me how we all know Korean so well. I wanted to say, "Gift of Tongues, bro" but I held back. I talked about the MTC and how we live with foreigners and he said that he had heard of the MTC and read an article about our church. So cool! 

Well I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Farr

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello All!

I am glad to hear everybody is having a great summer! Loving all of the pictures and updates, thank you!

This week was really fun. The church had a lot of fun activities planned because of the new stake building. We had a sports day, which was the funnest activity ever! We met with a few of our potential investigators at the event and had a great time. I will say in Korea, I did dominate at sports. It was the first and probably only time in my life, nonetheless I am satisfied. 

The next day there was a cultural day. The first floor of the church was filled with all sorts of Korean food and kittens. (They had kittens for children to take home, I was so jealous!) The cultural even was so fun! They had high school musical, a bishop who danced like Michael Jackson (including his most famous move, you apparently can get away with that in Korea...), and the Cheomdan children's orchestra. It was quite a treat!

On Sunday we met one of our new investigators and she came to church, and it went quite well! She is a lot more shy so it was good to see her accept it so well! Me an my companion also taught Young Womans. It was so fun! The little girls were so cute, I remember when I was that age! 

This week we also really tried to talk with lots of people. It was fun to get to know people, there is little gospel interest but we will keep trying!

I love you all! I know this gospel is true and I am thankful to be in Korea!

Love you!

Sister Farr
Happy Father's Day Daddy! I love you so much! Thank you so much for all that you have given me, I have lived a beyond blessed life. Thank you for encouraging me to go on a mission and for supporting me. Thank you for your amazing example and always treating mommy like a princess. Thank you so much for loving each of us and spending time with us to teach us lessons that were so important for us to learn, even when we didn't want to listen. You are the best dad in the world and I love you so much! 

This week was quite a great week! We saw lots of miracles, but first I have something that softened my heart.

We were walking to another appointment and on the way there, a blind man with his stick was trying to cross the street. In korea, cars pretty much have the right of way, so he nearly got hit. He was trying to cross and almost walked straight into ongoing traffic but my compaion saved him. We realized he really needed help to get home so we walked him to his house. He is only a few years younger than us and has been blind for a while. While we were walking with him he nearly ran into every tree, phone box, and ledge. Right before we would try to help him stay in the middle but he would get lost and would need our help. This first taught me that I am thankful for my sight. I am able to see every beautiful day clearly. Second this experience reminded me of us and how we always need guidance to stay on the straight and narrow path. How thankful am I to have such great examples in my life! My family, friends, Thank you so much! 

This week we met with a lot of our investigators and they all started to really open up a lot. What it pretty much came down to was they were curious as to why we were missionaries. When my companion and I bore our testimonies of missionary work, our families, and this gospel, each one of our investigators were much more open and wanted to hear our message. We set a baptismal date for one of them in three weeks, pray for her please! She needs to get permission from her parents to be baptized. 

I love you all so much! Have a great week!!!! I love you so much Daddy! Happy Fathers to Grandpa too and to all the other great Dads!! 


Sister Farr

p.s. I have been told that I look like the Mona Lisa on average about... 5 times a day now... literally every person we talk to...."Do you know mo-na-li-za?" You look just like her!"  I used to think that the Mona Lisa wasn't the most attractive... so that was a bit of a shocker.. haha