Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


This week was another great week! We saw lots of really great miracles for the start of the transfer. 

We have this really awesome ward member that loves to help the missionaries We email every week at his company and he is always trying to do missionary work. Last week he printed up over 200 advertisements for us to advertise our English program and introduced us to two new Filipino investigators. Isn't that so nice of him? He is really helping us do our job.

We met with the two Filipino's are they are so cute. They just got here a couple weeks ago. I remember when I first came to Korea, it was a bit overwhelming. So we are helping them figure out a few things and they are so cute! 

We also have two areas to cover. The first being Gong-Ju and the other being Sae-Jeong. It is apparently going to be the new Seoul. They have relocated more than half of the government buildings down to this area in such a small amount of time. There are apartments galore. Its pretty intense. I can't want to come back to Korea 10 years from now and see what it turns out to be! 

We have three really cute investigators. They are in Jr. high. They love hearing about the gospel and being with missionaries. They are really accepting this gospel well and I can tell they are feeling happier from it! 

Life is good and I am loving my mission! Time is going by super fast. I love all that I am doing and all that is going on!

I love you!

Sister Farr


So I am in the new area of Gong-Ju (It means princess in Korean) with my new Companion Sister Ashley Lambert. It has been a crazy couple of days, but here is the update:

We had a really fun Sister's activity on Monday. We went ice skating and ate at the restaurant called Ashleys. Super fun! I then went back and started to pack like crazy.

I was sad to say goodbye to Sister Kim. I love her so much! We have served for 6 months together. For people who have not done missions, that means I was with her for about 4,320ish hours. We definitely know each other well! I love you Sister Kim! 

We did all of my final goodbyes to members and investigators. It was a bit sad! I love the Cheomdan members all so much. They feel like one big happy family and I will always remember them!  

Because one of our investigators was getting baptized, I got to go back down for the baptism! It was awesome! She was so happy and so cute! I love her so much, and I also got to see the Cheomdan members, and my Sister Kim! 

I love my new area. The ward is really small, and everybody is family. Literally. Its essentially a bunch of brothers and sisters with a few random people added in. Pretty fun! 


I love you all,

Sister Farr

Monday, November 3, 2014


This week has gone by so fast! We had a great surprise. One of the members that is here just adopted a daughter and asked us to teach her. She will be getting baptized next week! She is so cute and so happy. I am so excited for her! As we have been teaching her she already knows a lot of things which is such a miracle. I feel like all the people that I have been able to teach are pure miracles. Heavenly Father already knows who is ready and who is not. Missionaries just need to be prepared to teach and help them. 

We also had an awesome Halloween party. This ward is so fun! I dressed up as a vampire and my companion was a witch. They did a haunted house, and I was quite impressed! I was telling my comp about how our family does Halloween and she really wants to come next year. But during our church's haunted house she was screaming the whole time and about to die, so I don't know if she will be able to, but it would be so fun! 

I also got a call from one of the people that I met in Chung-ju. It really makes me so happy to see all the people that I have met on my mission, they really make this so worth it! 

p.s. today is transfer day! We haven't gotten the call yet and I am so nervous! 

P.S.S. Ashley did get transferred. She will be going to Gong-Ju  Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hey everybody!

So this week was really great! 

We are right now teaching a family investigator. We talked to them a lot about faith and how to build faith. We explained to them that they just need to have a desire or hope to learn more and that they will be able to grow little by little. I am really excited to see how they accept this gospel, and I hope it all works out well.

We also visited with one of our recent converts, which is one of my most favorite things to do. I love seeing how people are still learning and living in the gospel. She said that she watched general conference and that she could really feel the spirit! She said that she even cried because she was so happy. I was thrilled to see how much she is accepting this gospel!

We celebrated a birthday with one of our investigators and she was super cute! She made us lunch and she loved that we visited her!

The other Sisters had a baptism yesterday and it was so great! A South African woman got baptized. She has changed so much since I have met her and I was so excited to see how happy she was!

I love you all so much! I hope you have a great week. 

Love love love you!

Sister Farr

Monday, October 20, 2014

I hope you are all doing good! It is starting to get a little bit colder here which is fun. I always love this time of year! 

Yesterday we visited a member's house last minute. This member's husband is not a member, and he doesn't really have any interest. When we visited he decided to come out and actually talk with us and we decided to share a message that we made last minute. The lesson went perfectly and we were so thankful that we had prepared. It was all Heavenly Father that made it so that we were finally able to talk to him and start sharing the gospel with him. 

We have another investigator that has mainly been an English interest, and we have been meeting with her for a while. When we met with her on Saturday, she told us that she wanted to come to church and would be coming the following week. She then followed with lot of questions about the church. She has been taking a lot of time, but I am really glad that we didn't give up on her. I hope things keep going well!

We also visited another member this week. She loves missionaries so much and is always helping us. She wanted us to have an american meal so she got fried chicken and hot chocolate and string cheese ha ha. It was the cutest thing. It is so fun to see how thoughtful people are! I love the members in this area so much! 

I feel so blessed to be serving her and it is such a fun experience. I might not be doing exactly what I pictured in my mind before my mission, but I am super happy!

I love you all so much! Have a great weekend!

Sister Farr

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you so much! I am so thankful for your example and all that you have taught me. You are the best!  A lot of it has come in handy on my mission. I find myself often reflecting to moments when I would sit in your office and you would give me lots of great advice with all the questions I had. Thank you so much for all that you have given me! I love you! Happy Birthday! 

There is this one potential investigator that my companion and I have really trying to get a hold of. She is a member's sister and she has been feeling really sick lately and needs our help. Because my companion has been trying to help me really learn Korean, I have been the one calling her. Every time we have called she has either said she has been too busy, or ends up cancelling the appointment. On Monday night I wrote her name to call her again the next day, but I really didn't want to. I thought, "Haven't I called enough?" When we finished our district meeting on Tuesday, I started to call all of the people on the list except hers. I really didn't want to call again because I knew she was getting sick of us calling. As me and my companion were walking we ended up walking by where she lived and then I had the strongest impression to call her. I said to myself, "Fine! I'll call." I told my companion and she was a little confused but I called anyway. I started to call and the phone kept ringing and when I was positive she was not going to answer, she answered. The first thing she said was, "Can you come over today?" I was shocked! As I mumbled a few things and said yes we had agreed to meet the next answer. When we got there she was so excited to meet us and we happily talked about the gospel and how it can help her at this time. I learned a big lesson about really following all the little promptings that I get, even if I feel like I am being over pushy or awkward, the spirit knows more! 

This week we got to watch general conference. It was such a great conference, with so many inspiring messages. Since I started my mission, before every conference I have written down a list of about ten questions that I have at the time. Without fail I have been able to receive all the answers that I have needed. I remember when I was younger and would not be excited to watch, or would sleep through it, but I am so thankful that my parents still had the TV on for all of the sessions and tired to help me focus. Now I am way more excited for when General Conference comes because I always am filled with so much hope after. 

This week we made 김치(Kim-Chi) with a member, it was quite the experience! Lots of spicy red peppers, and tiny baby shrimp is what makes the red color. Ha it was defiantly a great experience, and I smelled absolutely lovely right after! 

Love you all have a great week! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

So one year has passed.... Time goes by so fast! I cannot believe it! I feel like I got here yesterday and that I still have so much to learn and do. 

Before I left on my mission, I owed a great debt to my Heavenly Father and my Savior. I went on a mission to hopefully somewhat pay off that debt and to work hard because of how blessed I was. The more time I am spending on my mission I am realizing that I am in even more debt. Through my mission, even though it has been really tough, I am learning so much. The things I am learning I wouldn't of been able to learn anywhere else and I probably wouldn't of learned them at all. I never realized how truly blessed I am until this time. I would always say, "I am so thankful... I feel so blessed," but looking back those words were a bit shallow. I now really am starting to understand HOW blessed I really was. Even though this whole experience has been so so so difficult and I for once was not able to be a perfectionist at everything I did, I am beyond thankful. For the first time in my life, I have really learned how to rely on my Heavenly Father and to try and follow his will and not my own. For the first time in my life I felt like I had nothing. My family was gone, my friends, my language, my home, my car, and so many other things. But once I realized that even without these things I have the greatest thing of all, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I couldn't be more thankful. 

This week I also got a letter from Tiff and the story that she told me about Jake really touched me, so I wanted to share it with everybody. Their family always goes to Lake Powell every year for a family vacation. When they were on the lake they needed to go to the Marina to get gas, which was a hour away. When they started to go a storm started. She said she had been in other storms that were worse, but this one was pretty bad. When Jake came over to her he said, "Mom I don't feel like about this." Tiff gave Jake a hug and held him in her arms. When she looked back down she saw that he was saying a prayer and immediately after the storm calmed down. They were able to get gas and as soon as they got back from the marina the storm started again. I share this story because I was not the least bit shocked by Jake's faith. He has the the faith to stop a storm. He knows that he can always call on his Heavenly Father. I am so thankful that Tiff shared this story. I love you Jake! Way to go! 

This week we had a really fun proselyting activity. We gathered together and just started to try teaching people about this gospel. As we were proselyting, I ran into people that I have talked to before and they remembered me! What are the odds?! One of the teenage girls came over to me and was like "PAR!, Do you remember me?" I was a bit shocked because I never thought that when I talked with people that I was even making a difference or that I was even memorable. But after running into her and a few Filipinos that we have been trying to get a hold of, it was definitely an answer that I just need to keep moving forward and that these people will all be found with time. 

This week was a great week, I heard you all got to see a great conference! We get to see it next week, so I am super excited! I love you so much! Keep up the great work!

Sister Farr