Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, March 23, 2015

This week was really great and it passed by so quickly! 

We have been meeting with a lot of Filipino people, which has been awesome. We met with a less active that hasn't been to church in over a year. She was so sweet.

Yesterday Lorine also attended church and it was great! The members were so welcoming and they loved seeing her.

I also got to learn a traditional dance called tinikling. It was such a great experience! Super fun! The Filipinas thought it was hilarious to see me try it. 

We saw lots of miracles by meeting so many people. This area has so many foreigners that is is crazy. I am always so shocked by how many people we are able to meet. 

We are finding more and more each week! I am so thankful to be serving with Sister Paller, its a blast!

We also made crepes with the young women. They loved it! I love teaching them how to make fun things! 

It also rained a lot! I was so wet! 

Love you!
The church is true!

Sister Farr

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