Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hello Everybody!

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to my little brother Jamison! He is going to the Seattle, Washington Mission! I am so excited for him and I am so proud of him! He is going to be an awesome missionary! 

This week we met with our investigator and we are talking to her about getting baptized. She is progressing really fast and is really accepting everything that we teach her. We are picking a date with her this Wednesday. I am so excited for her! So please pray for her! 

This week I have really been so thankful that I served a mission. The main reason being that I have come to understand more of who my savior is and what he has done for me. Throughout this time I have had so many weaknesses and shortcomings but because of the atonement I was able to overcome them and work though the tough spots. I am so thankful that because of him we are able to live again. We are able to be with our families for forever. Also every little mistake get to be erased, and we can start fresh and clean. I have learned that the atonement isn't just used to fix mistakes it is used to help us progress and become even better. We can make our strengths even stronger. I am really thankful for my savior and all that he has done for me. Here is a video that I really love: Because of Him

I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 

Happy Easter!

Sister Farr

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