Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, March 16, 2015

What the?! Time is flying by so fast! My last transfer is a blast! 

Here is a story to summarize my week:

Our mission is doing what we call the "40 Day Fast" and its a relay fast where everybody in our entire mission has a day where they have to fast. Sister Stanger and I had the Wednesday fasting. We ate our last meal, and it was fine but then the next morning we both woke up so sick. We had gotten food poisoned by our last meal. We also had to do transfer day that morning. It was definitely rough. Like I was so weak! Food Poisoned, fasting, and hypoglycemic. Rough! We took a bus over to the mission office which was about 1 hour. We were so exhausted! I then went to my training meeting. While we were waiting President Shin came in an explained we have the now Filipino Sisters and there were three of them. He said he has to pick out of 11 trainers which one they will each get. (Backstory: I had called President the night before because our mission leader wanted a Korean to come because I was leaving. So that night President had originally had me with her but then changed me to a Korean). We all waited and they ran the slideshow to show us who we were training. I saw the name, "Sister Paller" and I was so excited but also a little confused. We started to walk outside to meet our trainees and the AP pulled me aside and said, "She is really a special missionary, and you are going to be the one that helps her be successful in this mission. She doesn't have a mother, her Dad passed away. She needs love." My heart sank. I didn't know what to do. I said I quick little prayer that I would be able to help her and help her feel God's love. As we were all waiting, I got a little more nervous but still very excited. And then they opened the doors and I saw her. She I think was just as nervous to meet me! I ran up to her, gave her a big hug, a flower, and told her I was so excited to be her new companion! She of course smiled right back and it was so fun! 

Since she has been here we have been able to meet all of our previous Filipino investigators and she is able to talk to them in Tagalog. Such a blessing! She is going to be so successful here! Our ward was so happy to meet her and they are so excited to see all the work that she can do. We have quite a lot of appointments today with Filipinos. I definitely feel like the greenie because i have NO CLUE what is being said haha. But she is teaching me some Tagalog here and there. We will see where that takes me for the next few days. I am also learning how to cook! Ha it is really fun! 

This week was full of lots of miracles and we are having so much fun! I love you all! The church is true!

Sister Farr

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