Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, March 16, 2015

Well this week was definitely all over the place so I am just going to start from the bottom. 

So on Monday we received our han-boks (The traditional Korean dress) and we took pictures with our mission parents and then went straight to the bus terminal and proselyted like crazy. People were thrilled to see foreigners in han-bok. We met lots of great miracles with a few people that had just gospel interest, (Which is a total miracle). So fun! We also got to meet all the Sisters and have our last American meal together at Costco. We also had the best Family Ward Family Home evening ever. We were late... because of our proselyting activity. And only in Korea does this go down. In front of the entire ward they made us spell our names with our bottoms... #itwasbad

Then on Tuesday because our first proselyting activity was so successful, we decided to go to the really countryside area to help the elders find some investigators. We were able to meet lots of people, but we have not heard back as to how successful it was. But it was about to rain and then we said a prayer and for the hour we proselyted it was perfect weather! What a miracle!  We had really great district meeting about pride and fear and how we can use the atonement to overcome it all. 

Wednesday was definitely a blast into Western Culture and I was beyond shocked. Are you all ready for this? We met with somebody from Uzbekistan, Russia, and the Philippines. They were not good at English, so we spoke Korean. None of us were Korean but that was the only language we all knew. We ate Russian food, which was amazing. It tasted like spices from America. I was so confused as to why I was using a fork, and why my mouth wasn't on fire, and why I wasn't eating Kim-chi. It was the first legitimate homemade American meal I have had in a while and It was great! 

We met with our investigators and are really trying to help them progress, but so far there isn't a huge progression. So we are trying to find people by advertising like crazy, and working with ward members. We were quite successful this week though because of of the youth brought two of her friends to Ward Conference this week. 

This weeks ward conference was really great. So many people attended and it was a good start for the ward again. Ward conference is a really big deal in Korea. They had a huge lunch after and it was so delicious!

We also had a fun little meeting with my adopted family. They are adorable. We played passed the parcel and they are hilarious. I love being with them!  

Also I just found out today Sister Stanger will be moving to Gwang-ju and I will be finding out my last companion on Thursday! Wish us both luck, these past two transfers passed in a blink of an eye!

I love you all so much! I am praying for you! 

Sister Farr

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