Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I am really thankful that the funeral turned out so well and I love hearing about all of the miracles that happened. We are so blessed and we have a beautiful angel watching over all of us. 

This week was Chinese New Year in Korea, and it was a lot of fun! These are a few things that I did:
1. We eat lots of 떡국(duck-gook). This is a creamy rice cake soup with beef. Super good! After you finish eating your bowl of duck-gook you are officially considered 1 year older. So before I eat duck-gook I am 23 but once I finished, I am 24! 
2. 제사 (jae-saw) On the first morning of the new year, there is a ceremony to remember your ancestors. There is a lot of of food that is prepared to feed them and then we do a ceremonial bowing (2 times for the deceased) and then drinking (In our case fake alcohol). It was definitely a super cool experience!
3. 세배 (sae-bay) We also bow to our elders and it is called sae-bae. We bow down to them, and then say all sorts of blessings and nice things for us in the new year. AND THEN we get money, YAY! 

I also had blast from the past last week. My old companion Sister Lee came and visited me! Let's just say I was thrilled. I love her so much! I also got to go on a split with my Old comp Sister Lambert. We went around you-song and it was super fun! I also loved going back to my old area of Sae-jeong and seeing a few old investigators. To close it all off I got to see my old converts, give them a little present and give them a hug. It was definitely super fun! I felt super lucky! 

We had a fun little miracle this week. We were told to visit this random lady who lives in our area. We went and visited her and she said that she is has read The Book of Mormon and that she also said she still contacted the missionaries that she met with 20 years ago! It was really a cool experience. We are going to keep trying to meet with her. 

I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 

세해 복 많이 받으세요! 

Sister Farr

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