Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Today is officially my first day of my Second to last transfer! Ah! Time is going by way to fast. Way way WAY to fast! 

So this week we have a new investigator. Her daughter is a missionary in Seoul and met the missionaries 2 years ago. This woman is catholic but her daughter really wants us to meet with her mom. We are definitely going to be praying extra hard for this one!

We are doing lots of practice lessons for Sister Stanger this week. I remember when I first got to Korea and had to practice teach a lot. Such a headache but she is handling it like a champ! 

This week was Sister Stangers Birthday! It was for sure a 100% Korean birthday. We ate the traditional Korean soup 미역국. It is a mustard broth soup with seaweed and beef. Apparently when you eat it you are wishing yourself good health. She also got two cakes delivered to her and of course Korean traditional rice cake! Super fun!

Few fun cultural Things:
1. Ours. EVERYTHING is "Ours" It is one of my most favorite things about this culture. The moment I came to Korea, I was blessed to live with Koreans who taught me this from day one. I will say it was a bit hard at first but now living with Americans again, it is something that I really have learned to love and appreciate. 
2. Weather. So you know how it is a joke when you start an awkward conversation talking about the weather? In Korea, that's the way to do it! That is how to start a conversation.
3. House Lottery. A way that most Koreans get to move into new apartments is my lotteries. Only if you are draw, you get to move!

Over my mission my love for the Korean people has grown so much. This week I was still getting a little teary eyed thinking about Sister Kim because I miss her so much! I feel like they have such a big part of my heart! 

Here is a quote for the week (When I was trying to be spiritual, but in all actuality I can't speak English anymore). "I have less time more than I had." My entire district burst out laughing because we realized how stupid it sounded.

Well I love you all so much! Happy Birthday David! Love you!

Sister Farr 

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