Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hey all,

First off, Happy Birthday Mommy! I love you so much! You are the best mommy in the world, and honestly words can't describe how thankful I am for you! I just love you so much!

We had another great week. I am really trying to show Sister Stanger all the great and exciting part of Korea and Missionary work. To start of the week, on Monday we went to my most favorite place in the world: The Korean Bath House. For those who don't know it is essentially a huge room with several different pools of different temperatures, all sorts of saunas, and Korean ah-ju-mas. You walk in and put everything in a locker, bring all your bath supplies, leave all body insecurities at the door, and enjoy pure freedom! It was definitely a really funny experience and she really loved every moment of it. I officially have a bathhouse buddy! 

I forgot to mention at the New Year that I did in fact turn 24 in Korean age. I do like the feeling of being 24 and not 21. I keep on telling myself that I'm more mature now that I am 24.

Here are a few other fun things about the Korean Culture that I absolutely LOVE:
1. Korean Delivery. They literally deliver anything and everything to your house. Go grocery shopping? They will deliver that. Want a homemade Korean meal? Ya they deliver it. Chicken, Pizza? Ya ALL delivery. Did I forget to mention that it is at no additional cost? 
2. Old Korean People. Ha They are my favorite. They get away with whatever the heck they want. I mean seriously. You will see grandmas walk straight in the line of traffic with a green light and nobody will honk or do anything. We have this really funny old grandpa that is a taxi driver and ALWAYS says hi to my companion and I and offers us free rides and talks to us about america. He also feeds us this drink that tasted like mushed up warm cheerios. Love the older ones! 
3. The Taxi. An expensive taxi is $5. BEST THING EVER
4. Bubble-wrap. One method that everybody does to stay warmer in the winter is the bubble wrap their house windows. There is literally bubble wrap everywhere and it is the funniest thing. 
5. Korean superstitions. First you CANNOT write somebody's name in Pink or Red. That means you want them to die or kill them. Also if you pore your own water at the dinner table, you are cursing yourself to not being married for an additional three years.  

I also definitely had an "A-hah" moment this week. A ward member gave us Nutella, which I was thrilled about but when me and my companion ate it, after like two gram crackers with it I had the hugest need/craving for Kim-Chi. I have also noticed in my spare time I am starting to think how I will Kim-jong in America. Or where I can possibly buy it. Do I have Kim-Chi problems? YES. 

There is a word in Korean called Jung which we don't have in English. It describes the relationship between Koreans and the level of trust they have for people. Without Jung missionary work does not happen. If a Korean doesn't trust you they will not introduce you to their friends even if they clearly have gospel interest and have asked about our church. My comp and I have officially broken through that and our members are giving us referrals! Yay! Missionary Work will finally get moving! 

This Sunday was the last  Bible class that we have decided to attend. It was a really great experience and it taught me a lot. One thing it taught me is how true our gospel is and how we have so many answers that people want to know. It is amazing to see that we can answer so many things with the Book of Mormon. I know the Book of Mormon is True and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. 

Well I love you all so much! Have a great week! 

Sister Farr

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