Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, December 22, 2014


메리크르스마스! Merry Christmas! Wow this week has been really exciting! We had a great start of the week. We were with our cute little Filipino investigators, we made chocolate rice crispy snowmen, and they had a blast. 

It was also transfer week, so Sister Lambert went to a new area. I have my new companion! She is awesome! She is from Idaho and such a fun person! I am really excited to serve with her, we are already having a really fun time. She asks me lots of really cute questions, the same ones that I had when I first got here. Its so refreshing! I remember when I first got here and it was so different. I love it! Ha definitely shows me also how much I have gotten used to living in Korea. 

We also had a big Christmas devotional and it was awesome, they showed the video on Christ. It was awesome. I loved also seeing all on my old companions. I definitely kept crying when I saw Sister Kim, I miss her so much! I even just tear up when I think about her! Ha Living with somebody for 6 months makes them just like family!  

I am loving this time of year. It has been such a great reminder of our Savior for me. I am been so lucky to have this opportunity to be on a mission to share the joy that his life and example brings into our lives. I am so thankful that because of him I can feel peace and comfort in my life no matter what is happening. My mission has had some of the best and hardest experiences of my life but throughout the entire time I have been able to feel peace, love, and Joy. My definition of all of these words has changed slowly. I used to think peace was felt when I got my nails done, going to the tanning bed, or taking long naps. I have learned peace is knowing that through faith I can speak Korean, find Gods Children, and go through hard times with optimism. I thought love was the ones seen in movies, super fast and not lasting. I have learned the greatest love is helping and serving others, meeting and making lifelong friends, and watching families accept this gospel and become eternal families. I thought joy was landing an internship, buying lots of new clothes, driving with friends with the radio blasting, finishing projects and getting A's on a paper. I have learned that Joy is watching somebody enter into the waters of baptism, being with a companion, and helping others learn about Christ.  This peace, love, and joy that I have learned about has come from our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that he lives and loves us all. Merry Christmas!

Sister Farr

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