Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


So I am in the new area of Gong-Ju (It means princess in Korean) with my new Companion Sister Ashley Lambert. It has been a crazy couple of days, but here is the update:

We had a really fun Sister's activity on Monday. We went ice skating and ate at the restaurant called Ashleys. Super fun! I then went back and started to pack like crazy.

I was sad to say goodbye to Sister Kim. I love her so much! We have served for 6 months together. For people who have not done missions, that means I was with her for about 4,320ish hours. We definitely know each other well! I love you Sister Kim! 

We did all of my final goodbyes to members and investigators. It was a bit sad! I love the Cheomdan members all so much. They feel like one big happy family and I will always remember them!  

Because one of our investigators was getting baptized, I got to go back down for the baptism! It was awesome! She was so happy and so cute! I love her so much, and I also got to see the Cheomdan members, and my Sister Kim! 

I love my new area. The ward is really small, and everybody is family. Literally. Its essentially a bunch of brothers and sisters with a few random people added in. Pretty fun! 


I love you all,

Sister Farr

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