Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


This week was another great week! We saw lots of really great miracles for the start of the transfer. 

We have this really awesome ward member that loves to help the missionaries We email every week at his company and he is always trying to do missionary work. Last week he printed up over 200 advertisements for us to advertise our English program and introduced us to two new Filipino investigators. Isn't that so nice of him? He is really helping us do our job.

We met with the two Filipino's are they are so cute. They just got here a couple weeks ago. I remember when I first came to Korea, it was a bit overwhelming. So we are helping them figure out a few things and they are so cute! 

We also have two areas to cover. The first being Gong-Ju and the other being Sae-Jeong. It is apparently going to be the new Seoul. They have relocated more than half of the government buildings down to this area in such a small amount of time. There are apartments galore. Its pretty intense. I can't want to come back to Korea 10 years from now and see what it turns out to be! 

We have three really cute investigators. They are in Jr. high. They love hearing about the gospel and being with missionaries. They are really accepting this gospel well and I can tell they are feeling happier from it! 

Life is good and I am loving my mission! Time is going by super fast. I love all that I am doing and all that is going on!

I love you!

Sister Farr

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