Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, October 20, 2014

I hope you are all doing good! It is starting to get a little bit colder here which is fun. I always love this time of year! 

Yesterday we visited a member's house last minute. This member's husband is not a member, and he doesn't really have any interest. When we visited he decided to come out and actually talk with us and we decided to share a message that we made last minute. The lesson went perfectly and we were so thankful that we had prepared. It was all Heavenly Father that made it so that we were finally able to talk to him and start sharing the gospel with him. 

We have another investigator that has mainly been an English interest, and we have been meeting with her for a while. When we met with her on Saturday, she told us that she wanted to come to church and would be coming the following week. She then followed with lot of questions about the church. She has been taking a lot of time, but I am really glad that we didn't give up on her. I hope things keep going well!

We also visited another member this week. She loves missionaries so much and is always helping us. She wanted us to have an american meal so she got fried chicken and hot chocolate and string cheese ha ha. It was the cutest thing. It is so fun to see how thoughtful people are! I love the members in this area so much! 

I feel so blessed to be serving her and it is such a fun experience. I might not be doing exactly what I pictured in my mind before my mission, but I am super happy!

I love you all so much! Have a great weekend!

Sister Farr

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