Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Time is going by too fast! So October 2nd is my year mark, that is so crazy! I cannot believe it!

Anyways this week was really good. We met with two of our investigators that have agreed to get baptized, so we are going to be working really hard with them to get them prepared for that! We are definitely super excited about that! It is so fun to see how people are so willing to make changes in their lives and they are willing to try new things. Defiantly my heros! 

I read something interesting this week about Elder L. Top Perry. He would to go to business parties and they would have the typical cocktail hour before. He started out drinking sprite, but it looked too much like alcohol, and then he started to drink coke, and it still looked too similar. He then decided to ask the bartender for milk and then he gave him milk. When everybody saw they could not question if that was alcohol or not. We can be similar in obedience. We can be obedient and feel like we are being obedient, just like drinking sprite, but others might still think we are still drinking alcohol. We can still drink a coke but then people still see that and think it looks like alcohol. OR We can drink milk, and nobody can mistake whether or not we are being obedient or not. I think this is a bit of a tough concept for, but it I am learning lots about it. 

Life is great and I am loving Korea! You are all the best, love you!

Sister Farr

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