Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, August 11, 2014

 This week was an amazing week! We had three baptisms in our ward and two of them were our investigators! It was so amazing! I feel so blessed that we were able to meet them and teach them. They were already prepared from the beginning. They have already started to talk to us about being missionaries, what the?! Such a cool experience! One of the moms attended and now she wants to be baptized, an eternal family is in the making!

So I had a realization this week, my taste buds have definitely changed. One of our members took us to this amazingly huge buffet in our area. It had a mixture of american and Korean food. So what do you think the first food was that I went to? I went to the raw fish, sushi, octopus, squid, jellyfish, and raw meat (Its surprisingly really good). So the nearly vegetarian person that I was before my mission has definitely changed. 

But there is one thing I am not willing to do... eat dog soup. This week a member called us randomly and made him go eat dog soup with him. The other sisters have been wanting to eat it for forever but me and my companion have been dreading the day. So we went to the place, which did smell weird. My companion and i gracefully figured out a way to kindly decline the dog soup and go for the more appealing chopped up fish... Long story short Sister Scott ended up eating 1.5 bowls because poor Sister Matsen was about to throw up a few times. So sad! But at the end of the day it was all good and fun. I never want to come that close again to eating a doggy. 

We got transfer calls today, and we are staying the same! We are so excited for this next transfer, there is so much potential! We also will be getting a new sister in the house, she is from Australia. We are really excited! 

We met with one of our investigators and her mom this week at church, it went really well. We are the same age but she isn't as open to religion. Her mom is a member and really wants her to be a member. We also invited a newly returned sister missionary to help with the lesson. It went beautifully and I can tell things will start to be changing soon!

I love you all so much! keep enjoying your summer. Its almost over right? Ha anyways, 


Sister Farr

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