Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, August 4, 2014


I hope all is going well! Thank you so much for all the emails! I love hearing from everybody! I am glad to hear that everybody is doing so well! Summer vacation is always a blast! 

This week we have been a bit busy! We have two baptisms next Sunday, and we are so excited! We have so many people coming to the baptismal service that they will be using the overflow of another room, we are so excited! They are such miracles. I love them so much and I am glad to see how much they have progressed. This gospel really can change lives of so many people! 

This week my comp and I were really praying for our potential investigators and who we could meet with. We were especially praying for this member's mom. We have english class every week, and she called us all the sudden saying she was going to come to English class the next day. We were able to meet with her and her friend, and make an appointment for the next day! It was great! Such an answer to prayer! 

My mom shared this story about my youngest brother that I would love to share with everybody. My little brother was on a big hike for scouts. He was having so much fun and having a great time. He started to feel a little sick and knew that he needed to feel better. He told his leader and then kept going. His leader asked him again how he was feeling and he said, "I'm fine, I said a prayer and I will be okay." I love him so much and he sets such a great example to me. So much faith! 

This week my first companion's dad, Sister Mathieson, visited my parents! They are from Australia so I never knew when we would get to meet or when our parents would meet. He stopped by my house and my parents were thrilled! I feel so blessed to have such a great memories and to have made such amazing friends. Sister Mathieson is a sister to me and I love her so much! Thank you so much for visiting Earl! 

Life is going great, we are learning lots! I am learning things that I never planned on learning. I love it so much! I love you all!

Sister Farr

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