Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello All!

This was such a fun week! WE got to do a lot of with our members and our investigators, and I am really so thankful to be in Korea. 

On Monday we were doing family night with a member in our ward who fosters children with disabilities. She is amazing. Anyways, we always need to come up with fun games to keep them all entertained. We played the chocolate game where you put mittens on, a scarf on, and try to eat the chocolate with chopsticks. It was hilarious! All of the little kids were going crazy and they second they rolled doubles, they went cray. I was literally laughing the entire time. 

As I have mentioned before, we teach a lot of English. That is how we have investigators. We have the two cutest investigators and we were playing a word game. We started at the bottom of the stairs, picked a topic, and each time they thought of a word with that topic they could move up one stair. One of the little girls is not good at English, but her sister is. But the little sister won every time! haha How? Right after we picked the topic she would quickly think of one and use that and they copy her sister all the way up the stairs, and she was always one ahead. haha She is so cleaver! 

Two of our investigators have been coming to church and taking all the lessons really well. I think they will be getting baptized next transfer! The ward members are awesome. We had a ward barbecue with our investigators and recent converts. It was super fun. Lets just say, Koreans know how to barbecue.

So you know when a little child blurts out something that you are like 99% positive they learned from their parents? And then their parents look at their child with the death glare and then say, "I don't know where she learned it." Welcome to my life with all Korean companions. Haha I definitely starting to realize more and more what words I use all the time... For the good or bad.

We had a great missionary activity today and it was pretty fun. We were supposed to go hiking, but with the weather we had a fun celebration. The highlight was definitely seeing my lovely Sister Mathieson. I just love her so much. She was my first companion at the MTC and she is just like a sister! I always love seeing her and hearing her cute Auzzie accent! 

Today I was on the bus on the way to the activity, and This guy started asking me for directions and then realized he was talking about a foreigner. Haha. I was like sorry I am new to the area. But he started to talk and he knew what the Book of Mormon was and had been to church. I was shocked, and invited him to church. (Hopefully he really comes...) It amazes me how many people know about our church! And then another guy I was talking about heard one of my roommates speaking in Korean and came and asked me how we all know Korean so well. I wanted to say, "Gift of Tongues, bro" but I held back. I talked about the MTC and how we live with foreigners and he said that he had heard of the MTC and read an article about our church. So cool! 

Well I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Farr

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