Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello All!

I am glad to hear everybody is having a great summer! Loving all of the pictures and updates, thank you!

This week was really fun. The church had a lot of fun activities planned because of the new stake building. We had a sports day, which was the funnest activity ever! We met with a few of our potential investigators at the event and had a great time. I will say in Korea, I did dominate at sports. It was the first and probably only time in my life, nonetheless I am satisfied. 

The next day there was a cultural day. The first floor of the church was filled with all sorts of Korean food and kittens. (They had kittens for children to take home, I was so jealous!) The cultural even was so fun! They had high school musical, a bishop who danced like Michael Jackson (including his most famous move, you apparently can get away with that in Korea...), and the Cheomdan children's orchestra. It was quite a treat!

On Sunday we met one of our new investigators and she came to church, and it went quite well! She is a lot more shy so it was good to see her accept it so well! Me an my companion also taught Young Womans. It was so fun! The little girls were so cute, I remember when I was that age! 

This week we also really tried to talk with lots of people. It was fun to get to know people, there is little gospel interest but we will keep trying!

I love you all! I know this gospel is true and I am thankful to be in Korea!

Love you!

Sister Farr

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