Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day Daddy! I love you so much! Thank you so much for all that you have given me, I have lived a beyond blessed life. Thank you for encouraging me to go on a mission and for supporting me. Thank you for your amazing example and always treating mommy like a princess. Thank you so much for loving each of us and spending time with us to teach us lessons that were so important for us to learn, even when we didn't want to listen. You are the best dad in the world and I love you so much! 

This week was quite a great week! We saw lots of miracles, but first I have something that softened my heart.

We were walking to another appointment and on the way there, a blind man with his stick was trying to cross the street. In korea, cars pretty much have the right of way, so he nearly got hit. He was trying to cross and almost walked straight into ongoing traffic but my compaion saved him. We realized he really needed help to get home so we walked him to his house. He is only a few years younger than us and has been blind for a while. While we were walking with him he nearly ran into every tree, phone box, and ledge. Right before we would try to help him stay in the middle but he would get lost and would need our help. This first taught me that I am thankful for my sight. I am able to see every beautiful day clearly. Second this experience reminded me of us and how we always need guidance to stay on the straight and narrow path. How thankful am I to have such great examples in my life! My family, friends, Thank you so much! 

This week we met with a lot of our investigators and they all started to really open up a lot. What it pretty much came down to was they were curious as to why we were missionaries. When my companion and I bore our testimonies of missionary work, our families, and this gospel, each one of our investigators were much more open and wanted to hear our message. We set a baptismal date for one of them in three weeks, pray for her please! She needs to get permission from her parents to be baptized. 

I love you all so much! Have a great week!!!! I love you so much Daddy! Happy Fathers to Grandpa too and to all the other great Dads!! 


Sister Farr

p.s. I have been told that I look like the Mona Lisa on average about... 5 times a day now... literally every person we talk to...."Do you know mo-na-li-za?" You look just like her!"  I used to think that the Mona Lisa wasn't the most attractive... so that was a bit of a shocker.. haha 

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