Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Well I am officially in my new area!  I was really sad to say goodbye to people. I got even more sad when they started to cry because that made me realize how much they had been a part of my life and how much I had been apart of theirs. They really have a place in my heart! 

When we were saying good-bye to one of our investigators she took me to breakfast. She bought us this ridiculous amount of food for us to take home, she then talked with us and then as we were leaving she started to cry. It made me really sad, I hate saying good-byes.

Then Sister Wong did once again above and beyond what she is supposed to do. She made us all a dinner (my favorite beef stew). She also took me to the bus terminal and waited until our bus left. She did exactly what my mommy would do. She is my Korean mom and I will always love her! So sad to say bye!

My new area is really amazing. It is really big and there are a lot of people. My ward is huge for a Korean ward. There are around 200 members. It is great! They are so excited about missionary work and they are happy to help at all times.

We found two new investigators and I am really happy! They seem to have a lot of potential and I can't wait to start teaching them! 

My new companion Sister Kim Soo-Hyun is super cute! (I am definitely Learning lots of Korean). She is full of lots of energy and love. I am really excited to be serving with her!

I am already experiencing my miracles! I love you all so much! Keep working hard and having fun! Love you!

Sister Farr

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