Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, June 30, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDY! I love you so much! You are my little squeak and I think of you all the time and you are the cutest little brother and I love you! I hope you have a great birthday and know how much I love you!! 

I definitely felt a lot of love from my old area this week. I got a few emails and letters from investigators and members. I love them all so much and it made me miss them! I got the cutest letter from Brother Wong. I will take a picture and send it next week, pretty much my heart melted. All of these people have a piece of my heart! 

We had a great week and we are getting a few new investigators this week, and I am so excited. They are a family that is a member's extended family. It is always so fun to bring families together and share the gospel. I am so excited! 

This week we saw the Kang's a lot. They are the best family ever! So its just like the Farr family, but Korean. A lot of the family lives in the same area and they go to church together and it reminds me of Dad and his brothers when they are together. I always feel right at home! I am so lucky to have a family that is so close and that got to do so many exciting things with my family growing up! They really are all my best Friends! 

We are going to hopefully have a baptism next week, but we haven't gotten permission yet from her parents, keep praying for her! We also met with the two little girl investigators. I love being with them all the time. They are so cute and ask me the funniest questions about America. They are officially jealous of the American school system and would love to move there. (Koreans go to school all day every day. Really.) 

We got transfer calls and we are staying the same! haha I didn't think there would be any changes. Sister Mathieson is staying in her greenie area for 6 transfers now, what the!? But next week we will be seeing each other on P-day. So I am excited! 

I was reading in Nephi this week and one thing that really stuck out to me is that he was always thankful no matter what. When things were good, when things were okay, and when things were bad. He was always thankful. 

Next week I think we will be going to Mok-po. Its a place that has a beach, so I am excited. So I might email later. 

I love you all so much! Keep up the good work! 

Sister Farr

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