Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mothers Day! 

Happy Mothers Day again to Mommy, and to all the other amazing mommies in my life! Thank you so much! I love you! 

I was so glad to see everybody over Skype! I am officially realizing that I am slowly turning into the weird missionary, but that's okay. No holding back right? I am in the middle of not speaking Korean or English apparently. Haha never saw that one coming. 

While I was at BYU in the business school with one of my friends, I was talking to her about how hard it has suddenly been for me to get on my mission. I told her I felt like I was suddenly being overwhelmed with so many new options and opportunities.She, who had already served her mission in New York, said to me, "Ashley, when you go on your mission you will meet people who will love you for just you. Not for all the things you have accomplished, how much money you have, what grades you got, and all that other stuff that we care about. You will be with people who will love you as Ashley, and it is the most amazing experience that you will be able to have." After she had said that to me I was a bit shocked, and it took me back for a moment. But over these past couple of days her words could not ring more true.

When I was Skyping, I was at Sister Wong's house. She is the most amazing person ever. Her family is amazing as well (Her parents are the cutest grandparents in the world!). When I went over she made me an American breakfast, blueberry pancakes and all. She bought a new camera for me to talk with my family, and when she talked with my family for a little, my heart melted. I love her so much! She has given me endless amounts of love for no reason, and I can't figure out why. I am just so blessed and lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people.

The second family that I visited was Brother Choi and his family. He is always sending my family pictures of us at the church. They are always helping out the missionaries. They are always doing member missionary work. Yesterday when I was with them they were telling me how much they loved me and I just teared up because I love them so much! 

After meeting with these two families and several others, I was reminded again of what my friend had told me and it couldn't be more true. I am in a place where people love me for me, and I couldn't be more happier.

We had lots of other great visits. We are meeting with all of our investigators next week. The work is progressing. I love you all so much! I am glad I got to see you over skype! Welcome Home David! 

Sister Farr

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