Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, May 12, 2014

First off, Happy Mothers Day, Mommy! I love you so much! I am so thankful for you and your great example to me. You mean so much to me! 

This week I was really reflecting on how much mothers have such an influence on their children's lives. We have quite a few family investigators and when we get the mothers to understand our message, the children pay attention more and they are willing to learn. My mom has been the key to my learning and I am so grateful that she has taught me so many things! Thank you mommy! 

We had a great dinner at our Bishop's house with all the missionaries and a recent convert and his sister. We talked to him about going to BYU and he really wants to. He is the sweetest person ever! His little sister also might be one of our investigators soon, that will be really exciting! So many people are ready to have the gospel in their lives before they even meet with the missionaries!  

We visited a less active with one of our members. The LA woman is from Mongolia and just found out that her child has severe disabilities. He is really hard to take care of and she just had another baby girl. We went to visit teach her and try to help her. As we were teaching her, I could feel how much our savior loved her. We gave her a message from general conference and helped her with her children. It is sometimes so hard to see how much people are struggling and I always wish I could help them more! 

This week was great, we had a lot to do and there were lots of fun holidays. It was Parents Day, and Buddah's Birthday. For Buddah's birthday we got to stop by a temple. It was a cool experience! There were so many people there! They lay out food for people who have passed away. This is a culture that really respects their ancestors, and they are always excited to do family history! 

Something that I read was really interesting in Jesus the Christ. In the footnote it was talking about perfection and how we all know that we cannot be perfect like God. BUT we can be perfect in our best way possible because of Christ. When we are giving our best efforts, we are able to do some things perfectly because of Christ. I thought that was really interesting! 

I am loving what I am doing and this work is so fun! I am learning lots and growing. These people are amazing and I love them more and more each day! 

Sister Farr

p.s. Welcome Home David! 


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