Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Isn't this time of year wonderful? We just had general conference and Easter weekend. In Korea, Easter is not a big deal. I will admit it was a big culture shocker for me, but its not even celebrated. Despite that though, I have learned more about our savior this week and witnessed many miracles.

Our entire mission is doing a 40 day fast. What we do is each day in the mission there is a set of missionaries fasting. Also during this 40 days, we have all set aside things that we want to fast from to improve ourselves. This Sunday was me and my companion's day to fast. During this time, we witnessed so many miracles.

On Saturday we went to teach some of our investigators. She is a cute mom that runs a mini school "hog-won" inside of her house. She always has students and her children there, so there are always so many people to teach. We have invited her to church several times, but she has said no because she has too many classes to teach. When we met with her Saturday her children wanted to come to the Easter painting activity at our church, and they loved it. Right after that, the mom called the elders saying that she would be attending church with all of her students and her children. That's ten people! As soon as we all realized they were coming the Elders wanted to prepare a special musical number.... Which now goes to miracle two...

While the Elders were preparing a musical number at 7:30AM, a man was walking by and heard them. He stopped in and it turns out he was baptized 30 years ago. He stopped and heard them singing and thought he should take a look and what he had been missing out on for thirty years. As he talked with the elders, members started to show up. They recognized immediately and realized that one of their long lost brother's in the gospel had returned! He has an 11 year old daughter that we will hopefully be meeting soon. As he was leaving he said "da-um-jew-bya-yo!" Which means "see you next week". Best words that we could hear! 

Also during the sacrament service our family/school investigators really enjoyed it. They loved how our ward was so nice and we got a few more investigators! We are meeting them next week, how exciting! 

Also for language, I was doing a practice lesson with a member and I have taught her several times before. This last week when we were teaching her, she said I have improved so much with the language and that it reminded her of when she had met with the missionaries before!  

There have been several other miracles and there are many more to come. This 40 fast that our mission is doing is brilliant. I also have been reading Jesus the Christ and I was at the part talking about his 40 day fast. He did it to be more in tune with the spirit and to commune with God. Every first of the month is a great reminder on how we can improve ourselves, think about others, and become more like Christ. Easter is really such a special time of year and a great reminder of what our Savior did for us. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and through him we can all be with our families for forever. I love you an miss you all!

Sister Farr,

Huge congrats for FanX! I heard it was beyond successful! 

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