Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, March 31, 2014


This week definitely had its fun moments and I learned yet another great lesson! This week didn't have anything particularly special, but overall it was great! I am starting to realize that no matter how hard my week is, as long as I have a positive attitude I will find joy. There are little moments here and there that make it all worth it and they shine above all the other less lustrous moments. 

A conference talk that popped into my mind was "Finding Joy in the Journey" by Thomas S. Monson from 2008. No matter how stable we think things are, change really is the only constant. The moments that count are how we react to that change. When we take change in with a positive attitude, there are so many more joyous moments. We can control a lot with just our attitude!

A quote that I really loved: "Throughout our lives, we must deal with change. Some changes are welcome; some are not. There are changes in our lives which are sudden, such as the unexpected passing of a loved one, an unforeseen illness, the loss of a possession we treasure. But most of the changes take place subtly and slowly."

This week we didn't have a lot of meetings with our investigators, so our schedule had a lot of changes that we didn't have a lot of control over. This week on Tuesday, one of our investigators with a baptismal date decided she wanted to get baptized on Saturday. We were running around scrambling trying to arrange the interview and everything. On Friday night, right before the baptism she texted us telling us that her uncle has passed away and that she would be at a funeral all day Saturday. At first we were filled with so much disappointment, but then we decided it will all work out. We figured out a few other things and realized that things are turning out for the better. I was able to still be at peace with everything that was happening, even though I didn't understand it. She has moved her baptism to this weekend, and we are praying that it will all work out!            

On Saturday, Last second, two of our investigators showed up at church right when the young women were about to leave for a bowling activity. Me and my companion had a lot to do that night, but we both decided that the two investigators meeting all the young women was a lot more important. We all went bowling together, and it was so much fun! (Koreans take bowling seriously, I got taught how to bowl by the bishop like 10x. We all know how coordinated I am.. hehe he gave up^^). We had so much fun with our investigators and the ward! 

Even though we had a lot of other changes in our week, we still had a pretty good week! I am learning that some weeks are a lot more exciting than others, but nonetheless there is a joy in this work and I am grateful to be a missionary! I feel so blessed! I love you all!

Sister Farr

Side Stories/Notes
Tender Mercy:
A nice lovely surprise was when one of my most favorite members Sister 황인숙 made all the missionaries our most favorite soup! Its just like the soup that mom and dad make, and it was so thoughtful! 

Language Story:
As far as the language, I am actually seeing improvement! I am teaching members a lot haha. I tend to say funny things. When I was talking about the plan of salvation with my companion, I was talking about how we will all eventually die but I said "We must all die now" as in right now. My companion literally laughed for 5 minutes. I didn't know that I has said it like that, and once I knew I couldn't stop laughing. 

Interesting Fact and Experience: 
Because Korean is based on Chinese characters, a lot of missionaries study chinese characters. One of our investigators owns a 학관- or mini school. (This is where korean parents send their children after school to get more schooling! And I thought high school was hard... haha). She wanted to help me start learning the language so she started to teach me some Chinese characters. I don't know if I will keep up with that, but it was awesome! Once I understood what the picture was saying, it all made sense! (Some of the characters made me laugh out loud once I understood what they meant).

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