Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I hope all is going well with everybody. Thank you so much for the email and letters, they are really encouraging and I love getting them! It sounds like everybody is doing well! Keep it up! 수고하세요! 

This week was really amazing. I was really trying to think about how I could be a better missionary and work more dilligently because we lost two weeks from being sick! One morning during study time, I decided to read D&C 1, and I got my answer! Be a more powerful missionary. After I got that answer, I started to really pray for the opportunity to be a more powerful missionary, and then the miracles started to roll in!  

We met again with our two investigators. We really wanted to invite them to be baptized again and help them see how it is going to change their lives. We were reading in the BOM and me and my companion tried to really prepare for the lesson, but we couldn't think of anything so we just started to read. We were reading from the Book of Mormon Colored Stories book and we came to 1NE8, Lehi's dream. At first I didn't know how to help them see the importance and started to pray in my heart, and then my prayers were answered. I looked at my companion and she was confused but was like, go for it. I drew a huge tree on the board and said this is the Tree of Life which is God's love. God loves you! And the fruit, is the gospel. I then had them tell me the 5 points to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and of course they remembered and said it perfectly! I then said read verse ten! They read and I said, this gospel is the delicious fruit! I drew me and 지우 on the board of us eating the fruit. We have both eaten of the fruit, and just like Lehi the first thing we wanted was our family to also eat this fruit. At this point it clicked and I could see in their eyes that they now understood. Both me and my companion bore our testimonies of the Gospel and them getting baptized. They both agreed to think of a baptismal date and to pray about it. This was by far one of the best lessons. 지우 and I both felt so happy and peaceful after and knew that it was inspiration. We are learning more and more that we are nothing as a missionary without the Holy Ghost.

Another miracle was when we met with our 구도자 who has a baptismal date. She came in feeling really worried about her family and not thinking that she is ready. We were nervous at first but we knew we could help her out. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she loved it and it really changed her mind. She then decided to bring her friend with her to church. She is really starting to change and be happier and it is the best feeling ever! And on Sunday we taught her with a few members and we taught her about Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong and we knew that she could feel the spirit. 

We also had a great lesson with our bishop teaching two of our new 구도자들. They are both Presbyterian but they are really interested in hearing our message. We watched the restoration video and after the bishop asked them if they could believe what we told them. They both looked at said, "I don't see why not." So we committed them to pray about the Book of Mormon and our message. I am so excited to meet with them soon!

Also, we met two new investigators yesterday and they were so excited to meet us! At first they were really nervous because there are so many religions in Korea. We started talking with them and they are Christian, but they do not have a Church. We were so thrilled to find that out! I am so excited to teach them! They are the cutest!

이지우 자매님 and I really are so lucky. This week we really say how prayers are answered. It is almost like we weren't even sick for two weeks! All of your prayers really made such a difference. Thank you so much!  I am now more realizing that all of my accomplishments and any of my future accomplishments are because of God, my mom, and my dad. I am so lucky! 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! I love you all so much! This gospel is true and it changes lives. 


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