Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, January 6, 2014


So what a fun and exciting week! We have been so busy. So the way we celebrate Christmas in America is how people Celebrate New Years here. It is a REALLY big holiday. Our ward mission leader took us to a really good restaurant for lunch and its a boiling bowl of spices, really soft tofu, squid, and oysters. Super good. Loved it! We then went to the bishop's house for dinner. His wife is a great cook! It was awesome! We played clue and some other random game. It was a fun New Years! 

I got to see Sister Mathieson and Sister Paz again this week! It was for TNT meeting. It was great! They are my most favorite people! They are doing really good and I am so proud of them. I hope we all get to be companions again at one point. TNT meeting is when we review our goals and catch up. Everybody is having a hard time with Korean haha so it was good to see it isn't just me! I will learn! It will happen, I can feel it!

This week 이지우 자매님 decided to stretch ourselves with our goals. We set them high, but we knew we could get them. We were able to talk to more people and we got 4 new investigators! It is so awesome! One is a family, and the little girl has been wanting to join the church for a while. So hopefully we can teach the mom and brother. They seemed to really like it. Another one of our investigators decided to bring her friend and her friend really liked it! It is great! Just have faith!

I have never realized how important members are in missionary work until now. I now feel super bad that I didn't send as many referrals, meet with the missionaries so that they could have a member at the lesson, and the list goes on. Missionaries need the members or it is 50x harder than it needs to be. When I get back, I am going to try really hard to help the missionaries at BYU and everything.

Shout Out to Xan, Thank you for the package! I loved it:). Thank you so much Aunt Melissa for the book and card! It came at just the right time! 

A really cool thing about Korea is how many words there are that we don't have in English. I love being able to learn words from my compaion. She is so nice to teach me! 
So 답답하다 (dap-dap-ha-da) is a word that is saying I have anxiety right now about the past, present and future but I don't know what to do. I sometimes get that feeling but never knew how to discribe it, and now I do!  I feel like that is a pretty useful word... ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

I love you all! You are all great! Happy New Year! 


So this first picture is a Korean meal that you can get for just $5.00.
The second picture is a pet locker that people just shove their pet in and then go shopping.
Korea has perfect icecream #getting fat#don'tmindme#

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