Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

새해 많이 받으세요!! Happy New Year!

I had such a great week! I loved Christmas and talking to my family! It is always such a good reminder of how many people I have supporting me. I am so lucky and so blessed! I loved seeing all of my extended family as well; I miss you and love you all! It really motivated me to keep working hard and to keep trying my best.

Congratulations to the Davies! Little Baby Walt was born on December 23rd, and he is a happy healthy baby! 

We had the Ward Christmas Party, it was really fun! We had a few of our investigators come and they really enjoyed it. They are starting to be more comfortable with the church, which is a big step! 

Today we met an American from Arizona! She heard me speaking English and came up to me and asked why I was here. I told her about how I was a missionary, got her number, and we will be meeting with her soon!

So I mentioned earlier and two investigators that are brother and sister. They are awesome! They help me with Korean and I help them with English, it is so fun! I love visiting with them. The brother is really progressing. He came to the baptism, Christmas Party, and English Class. He wants to come to church, but his parents are not supportive of it. I am really hoping we can figure out how to get his parents to agree, but I am really excited because he is so accepting of the gospel. 

Korea everybody turns one year older on New Year’s. They believe that the 9 months in the womb counts as living, so they add a year! So I will be turning 22 before I even turn 21! Ha ha, so Happy Birthday to everybody in Korea! 

복음 (Bok-um) means "Good news" and "Gospel" in Korean. The gospel is great news!  

감사합니다 for all the Christmas gifts! Thank you for the package Mommy, Tiff, and Michele!! I loved them and I am so thankful!! 



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