Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hi All!

I hope you are all having a great start to the new year! Sister Jee-woo (이지우) and I started off this new transfer with a bunch of goals that we want to accomplish to become better "PMG Missionaries." This is a pretty hard thing to work on because we can never become perfect, but we figured it is better to start than to not. For me most of my goals are within learning the language so that I can portray my feeling to people when I talk to them. I am going to keep working really hard and one day this will click. 

We got a new District Leader and a new missionary. The new missionary told me something that is super awesome. This new missionary has been here for four months and he is better than a lot of people who have been here for a year. I ran up to him after and asked him what his secret was. He started to laugh and was like prayer. I was confused at first, but then it clicked! He said that every time before language study he says a prayer and says that he knows he cannot learn this language without God's help and then he closes with a prayer of gratitude. This reminded me again how important prayer is and how I need to keep being thankful for all that I have been given, and my ability to learn a language. So here we go again! Learning Korean! Wish me luck! haha

My two investigators, the brother and the sister are doing really good. They are both really interested what we are teaching them. I can tell they are understanding the gospel more and that they are able to come closer to Christ. I really hope they make the decision to become baptized because they would be awesome members that would help Korea grow and they would be able to find more peace and happiness in their lives.

This week we also focused a lot more on proselyting and it was awesome. There are some really rude people and they are not happy that you are talking to them, but then you realize how many wonderful people there are in the world! So many people just want to be nice and they are more than happy to hear what we want to say!

Missionary work is awesome! This gospel is great! I love you all and I am super proud of you all!

Sister Farr

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