Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hi Family!

This has been quite the week. I am so heartbroken and I feel so sad for the people in the Philippines. We have all been praying for them and I feel so bad. I am so thankful to know David is safe and I am so glad the Davies were able to talk with him. I am glad to know all of the missionaries are safe and that they are going to be able to help the people of the Philippines. Sister Parola was able to talk with her family and they are great, she feels so blessed and fortunate to be here at the MTC. I am not able to fully understand all the effects of this disaster on the people so Sister Parola started to explain it to me. What she said really touched me. She started crying because she felt guilty for getting to eat so well while people in her country are starving. We are all so lucky and fortunate to be where we are. I know that I have been so blessed to live where I live and to be where I am. We take so many things for granted and we have so much. 

There were so many tender mercies this week in my life. I was feeling nervous about how Sister Parola's family, and David, and the Fillippino people. (I was still trying super hard to focus). We went to a devotional that night and L. Tom Perry talked about it and it made me feel better knowing more about it. After that devotional, I went back to my desk and I had a letter from David! It made my entire week! It was the best thing ever! God really knows who we are and what we need. 

This week I did really good at learning the language. I am now starting to understand the little side conversations that my teachers have and I am able to get a general idea of what they are saying. I defiantly don't feel ready to be leaving on December 02, but I know that the Lord will qualify to help me speak the language. I am so thankful for all of my teachers and my resources. They are so patient and they are helping me learn so fast.

I gave a talk on Sunday! We are all required to write a new talk each week on a given topic. We will then go to church all with a talk ready and we do not find out who is speaking until right after sacrament and seconds before we talk. We are obviously giving our talk in Korean which is always very challenging. My talk wen well. I had a feeling as soon as I stepped in the building that I was the one speaking, so I quickly rewrote my talk in better handwriting and next thing I knew I was being called to talk. I talked about baptism and I did it all in Korean!

There have been several funny moments with the language this week. Sister Mathieson told our investigator, in all seriousness, that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bless your birthday. Our investigator started to laugh and could not help it. I offended our other investigator by saying, "If your girlfriend loves you, she will let you go to church." When I meant to say "Will your girlfriend still love you if you go to church." He didn't really like that.... Awkward.  

I am also now getting better at telling Koreans apart from other Asians! (This is a very acquired skill if you ask me). So Sister Mathieson and I were waiting in the doctors office for Sister Tovar and I saw this cute Korean dressed like a Pusan Korean and I said to her Anyeonghasaayyo! And she looked over at me kinda shocked and smiled and said it back. She came over and we talked about her going to Arizona and she was so excited for us to go to Korea and she was the sweetest thing ever! I am already starting to feel Korean! 

I am learning more about the missionary that Heavenly Father wants me to be. At first I came in with all sorts of expectations of what I wanted to accomplish and do, which is good but not the purpose. I am trying to figure out more what he expects me to do, and the more I do that the more I have been able to teach successfully. I probably wont be a scriptorian or a master at the language when I am done, but I will be able to say that I did exactly what Heavenly Father asked me to do. As long as I try my best he will qualify me to do the work. 

I am so excited for James! He is going to have so much fun at the dance! I am so excited to get the pictures! He looks like such a stud!

Thank you for all the updates and Dear Elders, they really make my day!

I love you all so much! Here's to another wonderful week! 


Sister Farr

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