Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


"I love you" are such powerful words no matter where you are at in the world. Feeling very sad and disappointed, those can be the best words to hear!. For me, I heard those words several times this week. Each time those words were said, it was a tender reminder about how much my Heavenly Father really loves me. 

This week we got a new investigator, but she is not our typical investigator. She is a single, 85 year old grandma. She is the tiniest thing in the world, but has so much energy for her age! She has such an enduring smile and I absolutely love her! We met with her on Monday, and she wants to learn English. We talked to her and started to teach her English from the beginning. She had explained that about ten years ago she started to learn and she still remembered everything she had learned! As we were walking out I was trying really hard not to tear up because it reminded me about how much I loved my grandparents and how I wanted to give them all a big hug. As soon as we shut the door we popped her head out and looked right at me and said, "I Love you!" My heart melted! Of course I told her I loved her back. That is exactly what I needed to hear that day and it came from the best person ever. We are still meeting with her and each time, I love being with her and spending time with her. (The next time she we saw her she exclaimed "Long time, no see!" and then giggled. She has spent the evening learning that phrase. SO ADORABLE!) I reminds me how lucky I am to have my grandparents and how much I love them.

As I have mentioned several times, the Korean language has been a big stumbling block for me. One night I was really really stressing out about it and felt that I was not able to communicate what I want to communicate with other people. My companion got the phone and had me call a member to talk. I agreed to do it, and called one of the best members that Korea has. She answered and I asked her about her day and other things like that. At then end of our conversation, I was about to hang up. And she said, " I love you!" And once again my heart melted and I told her I love her back! I again was very touched. I am halfway around the world but yet people know exactly when to tell me, "I love you." 

Thirdly, I was at Stake Conference and we had Elder and Sister Nash in. He is a member of the Quorum of the Seventy. I was talking with him and his wife after and she suddenly looked at me and said, "How is the language going?" I was shocked and a bit caught off guard and I said, " I am trying, I am really trying." He then said, "Be patient with yourself! I promise you that by the end of your mission you will be able to speak this language and speak to the souls of these people. I promise you that." I started to cry instantly because that was the exact answer to a prayer that I needed. God was once again answering my prayers and saying, "Ashley I love you, now have some faith in yourself and in me." 

I was again reminded several times of how much God loves each one of his children. He sends us reminders all the time. I am reminded every day how much God loves the people I am teaching. He wants all of them to accept his gospel because he knows it can change their lives. This is a gospel of optimism. Through God, all is possible. I know that this the true church of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful to have it in my life!

사랑해요! 수고하세요!

팔 자매

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