Ashley at Temple

Ashley at Temple

Friday, October 18, 2013

Hello my adorable Family!

How is everybody doing?! I am doing really good. I have had a great week and time is flying by! For the beginning of my week we had a really good RS meeting. She talked about Jacob 5 and how we are the last servants for the gathering of Israel. It was a really great lesson, and I am now going to go through that chapter this week to see how I can be a better missionary. 

Every Lesson that we have here is so uplifting and makes me want to be a better person. We always have a gospel lesson after doing a language lesson because we need something to lift us up after we have spend hours learning. This week they really focused on how we are working right by the Lord and that we are never alone. We have angels around us supporting us and on top of that I have a great companion and I feel so lucky and blessed! 

I sang in the choir this week and we had President Dallin H Oaks and his wife come and speak to us. It was such a great experience! I could feel the spirit so strongly when we were singing. Our choir teacher is so good! He has an amazing voice. The devotional was broadcasted to all the MTCs around the world. Sister Oaks gave and amazing talk and really helped me realize that every minute here is so precious. I am on the Lords time and I have to give it 110%. So when I am tired or just want to give up, I just remember that if I pray, I will be able to figure it out and it will all be okay.

We taught two of our investigators, and guess what?! We didn't have to do a script!!! We just went in there and started to the lesson and the sentences came into our minds and we were able to answer his questions AND somewhat understand what he was sayig. It was such a great experience because if I look back two weeks ago I didn't even know the alphabet and now I can somewhat speak to somebody in Korean. I also have the native Koreans help me. They think it is so funny how I can't say some of the sounds right. One of the sisters had to say the same sound probably 50 times, not kidding, and finally was like, "We work on this tomorrow." Haha and then I was able to figure it out the next day. So it worked out. (Koreans really are Gods people because they don't sweat, and that would be why they don't sell deodorant there). 

I was a host today for new missionaries! We had over 500 new missionaries come in. The lord really knows who we are because out of the three I hosted, two I am really good friends with! I hosted a girl that is going to Rome and then on my way to get another Sister, I ran into Katie  and I got to host her! Her and I worked together all last year and became super good friends. I felt so lucky and so happy to see her! I got to take her to her room and show her around! She is so cute and I was so excited to catch up with her! I finished dropping her off at her room and ran to the curb for the next one, and got Melanie. Her and I went to elementary, jr. high school, and high school together and we were in orchestra. She is also going to KOREA! She is going to Seoul. Out of the 500+ missionaries to host, I got to host my two friends that were coming in! The Lord really watches out for us, and it really made my day! 

I love learning the language and it is hard, but I am learning and that is all that matters. The MTC is so fun and I love my companion. We have a similar sense of humor so we are always laughing and enjoying every single moment. She is my best friend and I love her! 

I love you all and I love all the letters you sent me! I love getting the updates. The puppy is the cutest thing in the world and he is such a cute mop! 

Sister Farr

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